"Getting To Understand The Greeks" Από τον Δημήτρη Καλανδράνη

... Walking up the hill in Angeria towards Aghioi Theodori Monastery, on the left hand side, where the small road takes you to Evangelismos, there are two newly built houses. The owners must be British, judging by their accents. They come and go from and to England several times a year. Whenever I walk by their house I cannot help but think about these people and imagine how much they appreciate living on Paros. They came such a long way, chose our village, invested so much money and time, in order to stay and live with us ...


Discover modern Greece and the island of Paros through an amusing and interesting portrayal of the behavioral traits and customs of Greeks as they live today.



DIMITRIS J. KALANDRANIS  was born in Egypt to Greek parents in 1936. He speaks and writes six foreign languages. He worked for Swissair in Greece for 30 years. After his retirement he settled in the village of Alyki on Paros island. He is a painter, a poet, a newspaper article writer and a musician. He played trumpet when he was young and today he plays percussion and composes ambient music on the electronic keyboard.


He is the previous author of a book of poetry, of Love, of the Soul, published in Greek.


Text editing: Cynthia Cotts

Graphic design: Alex Papadimouli

Cover photo: Dimitris Calandranis